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AVA Starting out!

Namsy, Jan 18, 12 9:09 PM.
(AVA is for members 30+) Hello! we are not yet doing the real AVA but soon we will be so that means we must be ready so we will be hosting some AVA practices Starting 1/20/12 because the season is ending This weekend! That means we will be having a fresh start to Compete in Ava then. Also look at the forums there will be a post that we will be voting for what color of dyes we should wear.
Welcome to DolorAgents    
         Welcome to DolorAgents! This website will show us are progress for the games we play Mainly Global agenda but a few others also. Here we will be showing are AVA Practices shown in are schedule down blow And hopefully we are on mostly every day to gain and defend are hexes but if there is a day that we are down some people i will post that day and hope that more members will help us defend those days and i will also post the season starting and the season ending so we know when we must be on (We will be doing the NA AVA zones). Also if we decide to do dyes we will be using the credits in the Agency bank so don't worry about spending your own money on them!
        Some other games we play as alt games are RuneScape and Dead Frontier they are some fun games. This is a good place to find a group for runescape and join DolorAgent runescape members in some clan wars or just fun pve. Dead Frontier is not as well known as RuneScape and Global agenda but it is really fun. Dead Frontier is a mmo adventure the classes you pick from have different stats ( More damage in guns or melee). Its a basic zombie fighting game you have a marketplace you can bye all sorts of things, Guns, bats and chainsaws and melee weps. like that. there are outpost attack one every couple of hours, and you can build outpost to defend against the waves and aggros of zombies!
      And last of all we also play league of legends. I am sure most people know what lol is or at least have heard about it. At DolorAgents we will be able to get some arranged rank teams or just normal teams and master the league together!
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​Hello We are currently recruiting Medics,Assault,robo, and recons of all levels.
​Must be 30+ to do AVA!
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